Basic Life Support Instructor Course

Basic Life Support Instructor Course

This course is designed for Health Care Professionals who provide Basic Life Support (BLS) training within their organisation.

Teaching and assessing Health Care Professionals BLS requires a different approach to how First Aid and BLS are taught by Registered Training Organisations. When dealing with colleagues who have studied for years and most having access to a range of resuscitation equipment, there is a need to ensure the training is workplace focused.

Teaching and assessing your senior colleagues may at first appear daunting but having a robust system and skills will reduce the pressure and ensure only staff who meet the BLS requirements leave your training class with BLS certification. Organisations have limited budgets and this impacts on how much time and resources can be allocated to mandatory training, therefore this course has been developed to provide BLS Instructors with these important knowledge and skills.

The online components will prepare you for the one day face to face course and together they will cover:

  • Adult learning principles
  • Equipment and resources required for BLS training
  • Communication and dealing with the difficult candidate
  • Teaching BLS skills
  • Principles of Assessment
  • Providing feedback
  • Practice of training and assessing in a safe environment